Training and Coaching

Helping people achieve their own goals through a higher level of awareness is my main focus through every service I offer. Coaching and trainings are two specific ways I can meet the needs of your company.

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Whether it's a talk regarding communication skills, navigating change, or improving leadership skills, I can tailor my speaking engagement to fit your needs.

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DiSC Consulting

Everything DiSC behavioral style profiles powered by Wiley, are a fast way to assess communication styles and the interactions between people. This is a powerful tool to maximize communication benefits both singularly and within groups.

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Since 1993

Photo by Shelby Mousely
Photo by Shelby Mousely

Foundational Integrity

My focus as a trainer, speaker, coach, and consultant is adding value to others. That is one of the key phrases that will be heard around any John Maxwell event. As a John Maxwell team member, I add value to people using the principle of Foundational Integrity.

I first imagined this principle as a Junior High School teacher. Having been a part of the "Character Committee" for 20 years, it seemed apparent that our hope was teaching our students not only the meaning of integrity, but also how it looked to act with integrity. This remains a guiding principle as I help schools, businesses, and individuals improve programs, strategies, and tactics through greater awareness.

Let me add value to you...

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