2 Minutes with Ham

youIQ Episode 21

Sometimes we need to give our self-image a face lift. About a year ago, I found myself in such a position. My second marriage had ended and I felt broken. I was well aware of the part I played in the split and my inadequacies seemed to play over and over in my head. 

What about my strengths? They were nowhere to be found. I needed a mental change.

2 minutes with ham allows me to train my dog to do something new. Why not use that on myself? Why not enact Mountain Biking Rule #1 and put your focus where you want to go? That is exactly what I did. I recognized my faults, then focused on my strengths. I recognized my failures, but would focus on my success. A year later, I have a new thriving business in a field outside of my education training. I have confidence and am willing to work toward massive audacious goals.

Take control. Affirm yourself and find an improved self-image.

Be well,
Chuck Ross