Our Approach

My Approach

While many coaches and trainers may have preconceived notions about what services they want to "sell" you, my approach begins with questions. You are far more intimate with yourself and your company than I am, making you the expert on the needs of both. There are some universal principles that apply to every person and business (dealing with change, communication, failure and the opportunity for growth after, etc.). That said, I will greet every opportunity with an open mind for how I can provide value to you or your company.

Our Story

My Story

Twelve years ago, I grew frustrated as I taught "Drug/Tobacco/Alcohol Education" and "Family Life" to my students in health class. I pondered the question: Why am I teaching them about all of the things they are not supposed to do instead of teaching them assets for positive living? The next summer, I created a Health Curriculum using the "7-Habits of Highly Effective Teens" by Sean Covey. I used this as the frame for which they could make important life decisions.

My personal growth journey had begun.

Mid 2018 brought with it many changes in my life, prompting deeper self-evaluation, and a life-changing decision to leave teaching in order to help people outside the classroom.

Every fork in the road brings with it a decision. Every decision brings with it opportunity for change and growth.

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Let me add value to you...

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