Balance: It’s Common Core

youIQ Episode #15

Perhaps you have seen some of the funny faux common core math problems circulating:

If a train is traveling at 55 miles per hour down a one way street, how many hot dog vendors will it take to paint a house pink as a blue hot air balloon conducts a sight seeing trip in the imaginary land of the elusive spotted unicorn?

As a teacher, I understand common core better than most. But, it is confusing to many…almost as confusing as balancing life! How do we balance the many areas of our lives while also attempting to build or maintain our health? That is an honest to goodness real-life common core math problem!

Most people gravitate to their strengths, as they navigate life, but what about our weaknesses. Only through finding, acknowledging, and addressing our weaknesses can we find balance. And only through addressing all of our life areas can we find wellness. Today’s episode considers both of these in the search for building a smooth rolling, large diameter wheel.

Ok, last common core question: 

How much satisfaction will you have when you create a smooth rolling wheel of life (youIQ episode #1) that is large enough to roll over the biggest of life’s obstacles on your way to finding success and happiness? 

The answer: Exactly 43 bushels of corn.

Be well,
Chuck Ross