Conscious of Our Subconscious

As we begin our journey into human programming, we explore the link between the conscious and subconscious mind. As the first of two parts, this episode focuses on the mechanics of how our paradigms and belief systems form. 

From the time we are born, we either accept, ignore, or reject everything that enters our conscious mind. Moving, speaking, how we get what we want, driving, and careers are all used as examples. Once in our subconscious, we create patterns that may lull us into a comfort zone, paving the way for struggle if change is desired…the comfort zone seems pull us back whenever we try to break away. 

Failing to find success in change is often due to fear. Crossing the “fear barrier” will be a topic we discuss next week, as we look at how to affect change in light of our programming. 

Be Well,

Episode 2 Reflection Questions

What are some basic goals you have for yourself? These can be short-term or long-term goals in any area of your life. The “Wheel of Life” and your answers to the reflection questions in the last episode may help to spur thought on possible goals. 

What agreements or programming do you have that hold you back from achieving these goals in a timely manner? 

What are some specific examples of how these agreements have limited your success in the past?

If you could snap your fingers and change these limiting agreements into positive ones, what words could you use to write it out? Put them into words and actually write them out!

  • Example – Agreement that holds me back: Holding a grudge over a long period of time
  • Example – Positive agreement: Knowing that forgiveness is a form of kindness and a way to emotionally move on in a positive way, I will evaluate my emotions and learn to forgive others in a spirit of love.

What agreements or programming do you have that help you move toward these goals in a timely manner?

What are some specific examples of how these agreements have helped you toward success in the past?

Write out three agreements that you wish to change in .