Crucial Quality: Persistence

youIQ Episode 10

Have you ever seen the image of the large bird, perhaps a heron or an egret, trying to swallow a frog, but the frog has its hands around the bird’s neck? The caption below the image reads, “Never give up.” That thought and quality, persistence, is discussed in this episode of youIQ. 

The wisdom in books by Napoleon Hill and James Allen are shared throughout this episode. Both men, having grasped the importance of this topic, write extensively on persistence and perseverance. Napoleon Hill studied Andrew Carnegie along with over 500 other successful people over a period of 20 years before writing his book, “Think and Grow Rich”. This epitomizes persistence.

Take a journey into the power of persistence, and increase your youIQ, as we discuss this quality that is so crucial to success in our lives. 

Be well,
Chuck Ross

1 thought on “Crucial Quality: Persistence”

  1. I loved this podcast on tenacity. And congrats on reaching #10. I know how difficult that has been amid the many changes in your life. I am VERY proud of you

    In one statement, I believe you commented on how we move forward despite our challenges or something to that effect. Is it possible that “despite” should be replaced by “because of”? I have found that to be true.

    Looking forward to #11!

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