Issues with Issues

Episode 29

For quite some time, it has been apparent that our society has issues with issues. What I mean by that is that we don’t seem to process our issues in a healthy way. We tend to label people based on where they stand on an issue. 

Let me give you an example: Donald Trump. Just by saying his name, a certain amount of emotion is stirred. Perhaps it is a negative emotion, or perhaps it is a positive one. The truth is that many like or dislike Trump because of this stance on issues. The same could be said for many presidents in the past. But why can’t we just disagree on the issue instead of labeling him? 

The same is true for people in the general public as well. We see things a certain way and have a hard time not judging people who see things differently. 

Consider your feelings the next time you run into someone or respond to someone on Facebook who has different opinions than you do. Tune in to the way you handle it. 

Be hard on issues and easy on people.

Be well,
Chuck Ross