little steps toward BIG IDEAS

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New Year’s resolutions can be mixed blessings. On one hand, they can motivate a person to start working toward a big goal. On the other hand, follow-through can be an issue. Oftentimes, a person begins with a big dose of effort which creates a certain amount of momentum. A single big effort isn’t enough for most big goals, however, and momentum soon wanes. Consistent effort is the key to keeping this momentum going.

Consistent effort does not come without its obstacles. Life has a way of presenting challenge after challenge, making consistent effort difficult. This is where focus plays a part in goal completion. Do you let little things take your focus off of your big idea? What can you do to change this? 

People often get caught up in activity without productivity. When you can focus your little steps toward your big idea, your big idea, or goal, or project, will become a reality. Clarify your focus daily and give consistent effort by the hour. Do these, and you will find success in reaching your big goals.

Be well,
Chuck Ross

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