Mountain Biking Rule #1: You go where you focus.

youIQ – Episode 8

It seems obvious, but the title says it all: You go where you focus. In this episode, I take one of the most important of all mountain bike techniques and apply it to the concept of mindset. 

Many people focus on the negative things in life, sometimes to the point of dwelling on them. Pessimists. Many people focus on the positive things in life. Optimists. In this episode, I consider the idea of seeing the negative things and evaluating them, but quickly turning the focus to the positive aspect of the situation. While mountain biking, the rider sees an obstacle, like a rock or tree, then quickly finds and focuses on the smooth section of trail they wish to travel. If they fixate and focus on the obstacle, they will hit it! 

This is part 2 of a 3 part series on mindset as a part of resilience. In part 3, I will take a look at the law of attraction, where we actually manifest that on which we focus…provided we put in effort.

Be Well,
Chuck Ross


In what areas of your life do you find yourself focusing on the negative?

What are some specific aspects of this area that create the more negative focus?

In what areas of your life do you find yourself focusing on the positive?

What aspects of this area allow your mindset to be more positive?

Take a situation that you have been dealing with in a more negative (pessimistic) way. How might you approach this using the mountain biking analogy? How might you see the negatives, then re-focus on the positive?

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  1. Another really meaningful episode! Your many examples, quotes, and personal stories make these podcasts fascinating listening. Keep sharing!

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