Move Like an Agent

youIQ Episode 9

Our mindset can be limited by our belief, and our belief can be limited by our mindset. In this episode, we dive into the topic of faith, since believing without seeing is crucial to maintaining a positive mindset when the going gets tough. 

The movie the Matrix, written and directed by the Watchouskis, and distributed by Warner Brothers, debuted in 1999. This movie, known for its visual effects, also carried with it a unique story line. Neo, the main character, has to go up against an “agent”. Agents are ultra fast and strong. Neo, in a pivotal scene, takes on the characteristics of an agent, because he “begins to believe”. He has faith! 

While some of this episode is theory, it has shown many people the way to success. But, they only find success through definite action. Quotes by some of the most well known writers on this topic (Napolean Hill and James Allen) lend a unique perspective to this powerful concept. 

Have faith, take action, and move like an agent. 

Be well,
Chuck Ross


How does the following scenario end? Think about and write out both a negative and positive ending.

Jenna is a teacher at a local school. She has been faced, recently, with a new group of very challenging students.

Think about a situation that was a struggle in the not too distant past.

  • Was your mindset positive or negative as you navigated this challenge?
  • Did you use faith?
  • If so, how did you use it?
  • What was the outcome?
  • Do you believe that your mindset affected the outcome? Explain.

Think about a situation that you are currently facing.

  • Is your current mindset positive or negative with this challenge?
  • How might you be able to see each step in this challenge in a more positive way?
  • How might faith help you through this challenge?