Pura Vida!

youIQ Episode 24

I’m not particularly well-traveled outside of the United States, something which I plan to change. However, I did get the chance recently to visit Costa Rica. The countries landscape, vibe, and people were beautiful. 

They are Pura Vida! 

Pura Vida is a saying that you will hear native Ticos say quite often. While the translation is “pure or simple life”, it’s meaning goes far beyond. It can mean “no worries”, or “awesome!”, or “loving life”, or many other things. But the practice of Pura Vida was apparent in the people of the country. 

Our guides Ivan and Alex, both native Costa Ricans, were positive and helpful from the beginning of the trip until we stepped off the bus at the airport. The people they introduced us to while on the trip were helping local people become more educated and empowered, preserving the forests and species native to them, saving wounded animals, and living their lives to the fullest. 

While Pura Vida seems to be the national motto in Costa Rica, it seems that we could all use a healthy dose of Pura Vida in our own lives. Are you facing challenges? Have faith you will grow through it, Pura Vida! Are you enjoying a beautiful sunset? Be grateful and enjoy the moment, Pura Vida! Embrace the sentiment, and let your stress level subside. Live life to its fullest, and enjoy the journey.

Be well,
Chuck Ross