Self-programming: Your ticket to freedom

What are you afraid of? 

Can you recognize when it is your subconscious causing this fear?

Do you know how to move past fear into freedom?

Join me for the second part of a two-part episode on how our subconscious is programmed and discover how to move past this programming if you choose. This re-programming may dig up some pretty serious emotions, however, including fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, and fear of what the future may hold are just a few of the types that may hold you back from moving toward your purpose.

In this episode we discuss these concepts, along with the four stages of change: comfort zone, conflict, reason, and freedom. Recognizing if your subconscious is the source of your fear is key, allowing you to identify when you should dismiss this fear on your way to growth.

My next episode will dive into clarifying our purpose, since this gives our efforts for change direction and meaning. 

Be well,

Chuck Ross

Episode 3 Reflection Questions and Reflections

  • Think of a time that you faced a “big C” change that was particularly difficult for you. What were your worries or fears at the time? Take some time and think about how those worries or fears determined your course of action
  • Consider how the change from the previous question progressed. In which stage of change did your actions settle? Take some time and reflect on the characteristics of the process that helped you reach this conclusion.
  • Now, consider a time when you experienced a successful change scenario. Describe the characteristics of the 4 different stages in this scenario. This may help you identify what your emotions and actions look like in future change situations.

1 thought on “Self-programming: Your ticket to freedom”

  1. After listening to this podcast, I realized I am currently in the conflict stage. I am currently making a pivot in my career. I go from excited to anxious and scared. The terror barrier is a real thing. I am working to overcome it and reprogram my subconscious. Thanks for the advice!

    “Change begins at the end of you comfort zone.” is a great quote!

    -Paul M.

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