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The rapid pace of change in educational organizations keeps administration and teachers wondering about the future. This can create confusion and inhibit their ability to handle such change. My programs aim to help educators find clarity and focus for ever changing situations.

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A person's personal perspective has its roots deeply ingrained in the subconscious. Automatic reactions without conscious thought is the result. Awareness of this and their personalities can help teachers and administrators deal with difficult situations in more positive ways.

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Our actions stem from our thoughts. These thoughts can either create actions that help us succeed or doom us to failure. While failure itself is a learning tool, empowerment means that an individual's way of thinking keeps them moving in the direction of success.

"I have had the opportunity to bring Chuck and his expertise into my district. His skills and programs have been instrumental in our ongoing efforts to continuously build and shape the capacity of our district's leadership team."

Brett McFadden - Superintendent Nevada Joint Union High School District

Course Topics

All of my courses are aimed at increasing the awareness of each individual. Major topics include dealing effectively with change, personality and communication, personal motivation, and discovering our own creative power. I constantly strive to make my presentations and workshops not only meaningful, but also relevant to my audience.

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Social-Emotional Courses

Social Emotional health has been a focus for students in the classroom for many years. Now, teachers and administrators are faced with ever-increasing challenges, in both number and severity. With increased social-emotional awareness, educators can face every challenge with greater clarity.

Course Formats

Originally intended to be presented in person, most of my courses are being formatted several different ways for online use if preferred. Users will have the ability to present each course in a workshop format, as a strict lesson format, in large groups, or for individuals. Contact me to find out how my course formats can best serve your organization.

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I was lucky enough to be able to have Chuck Ross work with my staff for a half day PD in the Fall of 2019. This experience was worth every penny. My staff left energized, understood each other and themselves better, and had a new found excitement for what we do everyday. I cannot wait to have Chuck work with my staff again!

Katie Kohler - Superintendent/Principal Chicago Park Elementary

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Let me help your district achieve its goals by helping your personnel achieve greater motivation and creativity.