The Automatic Factor

youIQ Episode 19

Responsibility, Integrity, Respect, and Trust are all principles: natural laws that are external to us and that ultimately control the consequences to our actions. Some people choose to live by these, and some don’t. What is your choice? And if you choose to live by principles, where do you start? In this episode, we begin discussing how to implement principled living into your daily thinking.

Each individual person also has a host of other principles by which they live, although they often go unnoticed. What are some truths that you have found through day to day living? And how do these truths help guide you? 

Principle based action can open the door to more freedom for many. When principles are used to guide decision making, the confusion that often comes with this process is lessened. Principle based action may not always be easy, but it is often very clear.

Be well,
Chuck Ross