The Frame

youIQ Episode 18

The idea of living by principles is not new. Stephen Covey talks about a principle centered life in his amazing book “The 7 Habits of Highly-Effective People”. Ray Dalio wrote a whole book based on his life and work principles called simply, “Principles”. 

Principles, since they don’t change like our ever-changing emotions, offer us an objective way to guide our actions. Even if angry, you have the power to let principles take over to help guide your actions. You can respond in a respectful way, while still expressing your anger or frustration. 

Respect is my most important guiding principle. For other people, it may be honesty or integrity. But, for this episode, Respect is the main topic. 

Next week, we will dive into more principles, and I will help you figure out which ones are the most important in your life.

Be well,
Chuck Ross

1 thought on “The Frame”

  1. Great treatment of this important principle! I was reminded of the coaching session you had this past week with the kids around respect. I also liked the two major life events you described: your treatment of your exwife and the water polo game. I’m sure that your decision to treat her with respect has had lasting impact as you navigate the challenges of raising kids together yet separately. I learn something from you every week!

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