Who’s the “Person” in Personality?

youIQ Episode 22

ISFP in Myers Briggs
9 on the Enneagram
IS according to DISC
SE on the Leadership Compass

Oi. Seriously? Personality testing? Isn’t it all just a bunch of extraneous information that is vaguely useful and pigeon-holes you into a designated box? 

If you see it that way, that is how it will be for you. Your focus determines your reality. I propose that personality assessments can very quickly allow you to evaluate your self-image. Do you like what the assessment has to say about you? How do you feel about the challenge areas (weaknesses) that the assessment has uncovered?

Many people have personality traits they don’t necessarily like. Because of this, they see their personality as “less than” or “worse” than someone else’s. However, every personality has its strengths. We can work on challenge areas, and we can also work on how well we function with our strengths. Many times, when people are very high functioning in their personality, they take on traits of other personalities.

Whatever your view of personality assessments, just know they are about you. They are a different way of looking at yourself, and the more information you have about you, the more you can increase your youIQ.

Be well!
Chuck Ross