Without Power, But Not Powerless

youIQ Episode 17

Much of California is without power, not because of an earthquake or storm, but because of the threat of wildfire. This is a first for us, but new legislation requires public utilities to cut power during specific weather conditions (warm, dry, and windy). This is a direct response to the devastating “Camp Fire” that destroyed the community of Paradise, California a year ago.

How have people reacted to the power outages? Well, there has been a lot of anger and a lot of frustration and a lot of gratitude. Wait. What? Gratitude? Yep. Several communities and people have stepped up to help make the most of the situation.

Losing our electric service is not the end of the world, but you can imagine the anger that people feel when a creature comfort is taken away. Want to test the theory? Take a teenagers phone away for any length of time. Do they need it? Nope. But they think they need it. 

Just because we lose power, does not mean we are powerless. We can choose the way we see the situation. Some people get angry and display it for all to see. Some people feel grateful as they fix breakfast on a camp stove in the tree-filtered light of an early morning sun. 

You get to choose.

Be well,
Chuck Ross