youIQ – Putting the “c” in Change

youIQ Episode 1

My first youIQ podcast provides a brief introduction to who I am, along with several reasons personal development is important. Change, as a concept, is introduced. Big "C" Change vs. little "c" change, change as inevitable, and a brief overview of the reasons change can be difficult were all discussed.

For your benefit (and for some of you, enjoyment), I am providing the "Wheel of Life" form that I use with my coaching clients. This is a useful tool in viewing areas of strength and weakness, as well as balance among the areas of your life. We need to know where we are, if we are to evaluate what changes we would like to make!

For those with an inordinately large amount of time on your hands (or a particular curiosity), I am also including some questions that may help spur thought on how you personally view change.

Be well!


Reflection questions

  1. Will your Wheel of Life roll well or be bumpy?
  2. What areas cause the biggest bumps while rolling?
  3. What areas of your life involve the least effort to change?
  4. What areas involve the most effort to change?
  5. How do the answers to the above two questions correlate (or not correlate) with your Wheel of Life outcome?
  6. Describe your attitude regarding big "C" Change?
  7. In what ways do you deal differently with expected Change vs unexpected Change?
  8. What are 3 specific ways you can deal with Change in a more productive manner?