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The success of your organization relies on the mindset of its individuals. Consistent personal development can help individuals operate with greater productivity and creativity. Workshops help foster this in a safe communication-rich group environment.

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Coaching helps raise the awareness of individuals. Whether facing limited success or great success, individuals may have limiting beliefs that hinder them from creating their ideal future. By raising awareness, individuals can identify these limiting beliefs and create more effective ways of thinking when facing future challenges.

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Are you looking for a speaker with great content? Would you like a bit of humor and energy to keep things interesting? I focus on relevant content while keeping the atmosphere lively. As a former teacher, I pride myself on attention to detail and the use of technology, while still connecting with my audience.

Chuck has inspired our team on multiple occasions. He is able to capture their attention, gain their trust and embrace our changing environment.

Barry Oberg - Vehicle Licensing Consultants

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For businesses that encounter change...

Change can be a difficult process for many people. Speaking and teaching about successful change is not only my passion, but is also very appropriate in the fast-paced climate of today. Whether you would like to help your organization react to current change or prep for changes to come, I can design a program for you.

Awareness of Self

Every organization is built on the shoulders of the people who work there. Great leaders, hard workers, and creative thinking from all are needed if organizations are to be successful. Therefor, every organization's success is limited by the individual success of the people who work there. Help your personnel become more empowered, and they will become a part of an ever strengthening collective unit.

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Let me add value to your organization...

Contact me now to see how I can help you or your company meet a specific need.