The Fear Factor

youIQ Episode 23

Have you ever gotten angry about something someone did, but you had no idea why? It’s possible that they were playing on a personal dominant fear that is in direct opposition to what your personality desires. Exploring these dominant fears can uncover “blind spots” in your behavior. These blind spots cause you to get angry and react to situations in sometimes uncharacteristic ways. Recognizing these can help you evaluate your response before you react poorly.

While assessments offer this useful personal information, a little research can help you evaluate the people close to you also. By knowing their personality type, you can improve your communication and understanding. Carefully choosing the way you communicate with them can avoid their dominant fears and allow you to connect with them more consistently.

Remember, personal growth starts with knowing yourself. Do a little research on yourself, pay attention to your behavior, and reap huge rewards.

Be well!
Chuck Ross